Scale up energy efficiency

Energy efficiency first – how to make it happen

Improving energy efficiency is key to achieving energy and climate targets. It cuts reliance on external suppliers of oil and gas; helps to reduce economic, environmental and social costs; and enhances health and wellbeing. The European Union (EU) has put in place several policies to make the production and consumption of energy more efficient. National strategies and action plans have been developed and are currently being put into practice. Going forward, improved efficiency is integral to an integrated, sustainable and resilient future energy system. In 2016, several reviews of related directives will take place, which will inform the future framework of energy policy.

There is still huge potential to be tapped in all sectors but barriers to making energy efficiency improvements must be removed. A great push for targeted action is needed from governments, businesses and private consumers alike. However, encouraging investment and creating innovative business models on the one hand, and to encouraging consumers to implement energy-efficiency measures on the other, remains a challenge. We need to simplify how we communicate the benefits of energy savings, for example by using the indicator of ‘energy productivity’.

Supporting effective EU and national energy-efficiency policies

Ecofys provides expertise in designing, implementing and evaluating energy-efficiency policy strategies and instruments, at EU and Member States level. Our team can support your policy-making process; for example by assessing policy options, preparing feasibility studies, undertaking market analyses and developing methodology frameworks with set definitions and standards. We conduct surveys, interviews and stakeholder dialogues to help to you prioritise actions and take concrete measures. We combine policy knowledge with technological, financial and political expertise to provide integrated energy-efficiency strategies and devise ‘out-of-the box’ approaches and methods.

Understanding the impact of energy policy on your business

Ecofys has knowledge on current and upcoming energy-efficiency policies and regulations. We can help you position yourself at the heart of discussions on policy instruments, and to investigate the opportunities and threats that various policies may present to your business. If you develop your business strategy with us, you will learn those options that represent the best path for your company. We can also support you to monitor the impacts of your actions. The need for greater energy efficiency has prompted a growing energy service market and opened the door to new and innovative business models. Ecofys analyses this market and outlines the opportunities that are out there for your business.

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