Reduce energy and climate risks

Manage the energy and carbon risks in your supply chain

We offer a deep investigation of your current assets and activities, and the products or services you deliver. Looking at your markets, we ask: what are the risks and opportunities in a world of changing consumer behaviour and policies? With expertise across all energy and carbon policy fields, and experience in all main market segments, we can help you to find the answers.

Benefit from our energy pricing intelligence

Get fact-based recommendations for obtaining energy from the optimal source, and identify non-core revenue streams created by market or regulatory incentives. Ecofys stays on top of regulatory and market developments affecting final energy prices, and connects this to knowledge across industrial processes, related CO2-emissions and energy consumption profiles. Through our valuable insights, you will be able to reduce the energy costs of your production sites, and stay ahead in your negotiations with energy suppliers and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). Use our knowledge to accurately calculate your cost base, so you can strengthen your strategy and competitiveness.

Make the most of the carbon market

With our Carbon Complete Service, in line with the latest legal requirements, Ecofys offers you an all-inclusive one-stop package that guarantees compliance with all legal EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) obligations.
Drawn from years of experience across a wide array of industries, our experts optimise compliance with the EU ETS for energy-intensive companies. By taking care of all the time-consuming and knowledge-intensive ETS obligations, Ecofys enables you to concentrate on your core business. Beyond the EU ETS, we support companies with internal carbon-pricing strategies and advise on how to benefit from upcoming international carbon market mechanisms. Let us help you make the most of carbon pricing.

Reduce the impact of carbon pricing on your business

Get our support in preparing for the post-2020 EU ETS landscape. We assess carbon leakage exposure, and investigate eligibility for financial compensation in light of electricity cost rises due to EU ETS. We are  a leading contributor to the development of EU ETS policies. We perform ETS-related assessments for more than 15 industry sectors; helping sectors to develop a common strategy and vision, as well as undertaking in-depth analyses of the energy data and emissions costs of individual companies. Tap into our expertise to understand the impact the ETS has on your sector. Being armed with data and insights makes you a credible partner in the discussion, and ensures the best possible outcomes.

Make your supply chain resilient to climate impacts

While managing risk within supply chains is well established, identifying and developing appropriate responses to climate-related risk is not. Yet the changing nature and diversity of supply chains is increasing companies’ exposure to risk. Use our expertise to make your supply chains resilient to both gradual changes in climate and an increased frequency of extreme events.

Carbon exposure is becoming a risk factor in all aspects of business. Ecofys is ready to help your organisation understand and mitigate these risks.