Increase climate resilience

Become resilient to today’s weather – and tomorrow’s climate

Ecofys has extensive expertise in climate adaptation. We have supported cities, national and global organisations, across the public and private sectors, to adapt to climate change at varying scales. Our experience in the field of adaptation is complemented by our knowledge of mitigating climate change, and environmental policy and regulation. This spans renewables, energy markets and energy efficiency. Our joined-up thinking ensures that the adaptation solutions we develop are both low carbon, climate resilient and linked to mitigation policy.

In devising ways for organisations to adapt to climate change, Ecofys aims to:

  • reduce vulnerability to today’s weather, and assess how vulnerability changes over time;
  • increase resilience to a changing climate;
  • identify and exploit potential opportunities;
  • reduce the costs of climate change disrupting business; and
  • apply approaches that suit complex environments across multiple sectors, such as the urban environment.

Make your supply chain resilient to climate impacts

While managing risk within supply chains is well established, identifying and developing appropriate responses to climate-related risk is not. Yet the changing nature and diversity of supply chains is increasing companies’ exposure to risk. Use our expertise to make your supply chains are resilient to both gradual changes in climate and an increased frequency of extreme events.

Develop strategies and action plans to increase resilience

Integrating adaptation plans into existing carbon-reduction strategies and low-carbon road maps through the development of bespoke strategies for organisations and businesses is key to successfully adapting to climate change. Ecofys guides you at all stages, from devising a strategy, to developing adaptation plans that complement existing low-carbon efforts, and putting them into practice.

Understand the changing policy landscape

Knowledge and awareness of climate change adaptation is growing. Ecofys has advised policymakers at EU, national and regional levels on climate adaptation. We use our expertise to provide you with solutions based on policy and strategy analysis and an assessment of the current adaptation knowledge available. With the issue of adaptation becoming increasingly prominent, related policies, standards, monitoring and reporting requirements, and in some cases, regulation, are becoming more widespread.

Tap into our knowledge to understand and prepare for the changes ahead!