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Scenario assessments provide the strategy and policy insights you need

The Paris Agreement calls for the combined efforts of governments and non-state actors to limit climate change. Countries, along with companies, cities and non-governmental organisations, will contribute to implementing the agreed climate goals. Governments need to understand their responsibilities with regards to the international agreement, and to track the impacts of their actions against global progress. Companies and sector organisations need to understand what the Agreement means for them and their competitiveness.

Benefit from our expertise across all aspects of sustainable energy and get comprehensive top-down assessments, such as via our Climate Action Tracker. Green growth strategies are an emerging trend, combining climate and sustainable development themes with economic growth. We have developed greenhouse-gas abatement roadmaps for countries and economic sectors alike, and can help you shape low-carbon strategies to varying levels of detail. Make use of Ecofys’ extensive experience of undertaking low-carbon strategy studies across the globe, and of our proprietary knowledge and databases that can be leveraged to complement local data.

State-of-the art tools help you shape and track your climate targets

Whether you wish to take a macro perspective, address multiple geographical levels (regions, countries, cities), or examine what is happening at company level, our customised analysis helps you to understand the situation and to develop action plans. What will a world be like if we limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels?

We can help you to gain a clear perspective, and to examine the implications for your business, sector or jurisdiction of making the transition to this new situation. Use our knowledge to identify financing options, create risk-mitigation instruments or develop supporting policies. Through our analytical scenario assessments you are able to design and introduce powerful strategies with regard to your carbon emissions and the underlying energy system. We are ready to help you track and evaluate the impacts of your actions.

Get our support, from design to implementation, to make sure your long-term decisions are fit for a net zero-emissions world.

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