Unlock power system flexibility

Balancing supply and demand has historically involved adjusting the output of certain controllable power plants to maintain the system frequency in some predefined acceptable band. This practice largely continues today, but the variable output and limited predictability of wind and solar plants increases the need for flexibility in power system responses. Benefit from our interdisciplinary approach to solve the technical, economic and regulatory challenges associated with the required changes in future power systems.

Identifying sources of flexibility

Sources of flexibility are manifold, and come from both demand and supply side, including storage. Coupling heat and gas sectors offers new options for meeting the need for flexibility, for example. Meanwhile, extending power grids helps to balance fluctuations of renewables, and enables other regions to build flexibility into their systems. From a system perspective, it is important to identify cost-efficient options. We help you to identify cost-efficient sources of flexibility and any associated barriers.

Designing optimal power markets

How power markets are designed can open or block sources of flexibility. Price signals in wholesale and retail markets play a crucial role in achieving a cost-efficient equilibrium of demand and supply at all times. Ecofys supports policymakers to design market and pricing rules to minimise price distortions, while achieving a careful balance with other policy targets. A special focus is on designing markets to coordinate the flexibility needs of local network operators with overall system requirements.

Evaluating new business opportunities

The increased need for flexibility, combined with innovative technologieslikesmart meters, storage, big data analysis and communication infrastructure, facilitates new business models for utilities, traders, aggregators and other market actors. Our detailed knowledge of new and emerging regulations within the power sector enables us to identify and analyse potential opportunities. Tap into our analyses of regulatory frameworks to identify opportunities for your organisation, and learn about the relevant value drivers from our scenario assessments.

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