Take corporate climate action

Climate change poses strategic challenges to businesses today

Companies need to identify their ‘fair share’ of the global carbon budget and to operate accordingly. The growing awareness of environmental responsibility among customer and business partners, especially following the COP21 in Paris, is increasing the pressure on companies to act. Stricter regulation on carbon pricing is imposing additional costs in a growing number of countries and regions. In the future, lower limits on carbon emissions may lead to further operational constraints.

Ecofys is your experienced advisor on corporate climate action

We work with companies around the globe and across many industries, supporting action related to existing and emerging climate challenges. We can help you to create a tailor-made plan for your climate action, develop your environmental sustainability strategy, and bring these goals to fruition for the benefit of your company and the wider world

Team up with us for your success

As a starting point, we work with you to quantify your current carbon or wider environmental footprint. We have developed multiple proven methods for defining related sustainability targets. For example, we co-developed the Sectoral Decarbonization Approach to assist with setting targets for direct and indirect emissions, in line with climate science. Taking a wider perspective beyond emissions, the One Planet Thinking method enables businesses to develop targets for operating within our planet’s ecological limits.

Being at the forefront of technological and regulatory developments in the field of energy and climate, while understanding your specific corporate context, Ecofys helps you to identify appropriate measures to take to achieve your targets. You might wish to make your business operations ‘greener’, for example, by introducing renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, or collaborating with business partners in your supply chain to reduce emissions. In response, we might develop a toolkit to engage your organisation and business partners, or suggest low-carbon incentives for your supply chain partners.

Let us support you to build your sustainability plan, and help you take the most appropriate action to achieve your climate goals!