Sustainable Industries and Services

The world is making the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon future. Hence, so must businesses. Ecofys knows how to navigate the complex world of energy transition, climate change and sustainability. Our business area Sustainable Industries and Services uses this knowledge to help you manage energy and climate risks. Through our support, you will be able to identify and capture short-term business opportunities arising from the energy shift. We enable our clients to transform their businesses, so they become resilient and successful within the coming low-carbon economy.

Our strength lies in understanding the triangle between government policies, technological innovation and end-user needs. Experts in this area, we bring innovation, insight and impact, enabling you to deliver sustainable, reliable and profitable products, processes and business models. Whether you run an energy-intensive base material industry, a consumer-driven service business or a financial services organisation, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your success within a low-carbon world.

  • Reduce energy and climate risks

    Global climate action is rapidly changing your business environment. With increased ambition following the Paris Agreement, carbon exposure is becoming a risk factor in all aspects of business. Ecofys is your trusted advisor when it comes to making your organisation understand and mitigate these risks.
  • Take corporate climate action

    Climate change poses strategic challenges to businesses today. Ecofys is your experienced advisor on taking corporate climate action. We support you to create a tailor-made plan for your cli-mate action, develop your environmental sustainability strategy, and bring these goals to fruition for the benefit of your company and the wider world.
  • Realise industrial decarbonisation

    Paris Agreement on climate change will have large implications for society and business. To stay on a pathway well below a 2°C temperature rise, the world has to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions before the end of the century. This transition to a low-carbon economy requires businesses like yours to drastically reduce the emissions from activities and products. Can you decarbonise your business and gain competitiveness and value?
  • Expand biomass sustainably

    The role of biomass in renewable energy has prompted an emotional and opinionated debate. However, when environmental and socio-economic impacts are addressed, the potential of biomass as a source of renewable energy and materials is huge. Ecofys has hands-on experience along the supply chain, with expertise in technology, economics, sustainability and international trade, as well as policy developments across the globe.