Realise low-carbon cities

Your guide to making low-carbon cities

Cities hold a crucial role in mitigating the effects of climate change. Following the historic climate agreement of 2015, the world is able to move on from discussing actions to implementing them, and starting to develop low-carbon cities. Yet the complexity of the required transformation can have a paralysing effect. Often, existing action plans do not adequately reflect a city’s reality or embrace all its needs for running public services. City authorities face a multitude of options, which demands clear prioritisation. Our understanding of technologies, tools, stakeholders and policy instruments enables us to guide you through the relevant policy, planning, decision-making and implementation processes. By untangling the complexity and helping you to prioritise effective options, we ensure you progress towards realising your low-carbon targets.

Identifying the best plan of action for you

Action to develop new cities, expand existing cities or reduce the size of cities, in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions, triggers many questions that need answers before you can take future-proof decisions:

  • What are the benefits for industry and residents?
  • How can we set-up future-proof links between supply and demand, heating, cooling and power?
  • What are the costs of making that transformation?
  • Where can we get financing and what are appropriate business models?
  • How can we design a policy framework that is effective at international, national and municipal scales?
  • How can we coordinate, motivate and activate crucial players?

We will help you to find the most suitable solutions for your situation.

Benefit from our all-encompassing perspective

A city is a microcosm of the wider world, and many stakeholders are involved in making the transformation to low-carbon living. We have worked with many of the stakeholders involved in transforming today’s cities into low-carbon settlements: the European Commission, national governments, municipalities, utilities and distribution system operators, as well as industry. Whether you need assistance with energy and climate scenarios, policy and regulation, or future technologies and services, tap into our knowledge to ensure you make the right long-term decisions.

Get in touch to discuss your project needs, and let us help you to achieve low-carbon cities.