Realise industrial decarbonisation

The Paris Agreement on climate change will have large implications for society and business. To stay on a pathway well below a 2°C temperature rise, the world has to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions before the end of the century. This transition to a low-carbon economy will require businesses like yours to drastically reduce the emissions from activities and products. Decarbonising your business presents an opportunity to gain competitiveness and value.

Set up the best possible transition strategy

Ecofys assists your company to develop a strategy for making the transition to a low-carbon society. We have supported several sectors with their 2050 energy and climate roadmaps, and know how to help you devise the best possible strategy. Ecofys has profound knowledge of the current situation and we strive to keep on top of future energy trends and developments. Together with you, we can assess the related opportunities and risks for your business. You can draw on our knowledge to:

  • understand the trends and develop scenarios;
  • learn from your peers;
  • determine abatement possibilities (Marginal Abatement Cost Curves); and
  • set effective targets and prepare your roadmap/masterplan.

Prepare your company for the future by getting the long-term insights you need.

Understand the impacts on your business

Ecofys investigates the impact of energy and climate policy measures on businesses. We can help your organisation to prepare for upcoming changes, and identify opportunities for smart use of incentivising policies. Having been involved in designing and evaluating energy and climate policies worldwide, we are a leading expert on energy policy, with knowledge of current and upcoming regulations. We understand markets and the positions of involved parties and stakeholders alike, and we combine policy knowledge with technology, financial and political expertise. Let us work with you, to ensure you:

  • understand the impact of regulatory frameworks and policy trends on your business;
  • engage in a fact-based interaction with policy makers to support the best regulatory framework for your business;
  • get ahead of your competitors by being at the forefront of the debate; and
  • turn regulations into profitable business opportunities.

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