Make transport sustainable

Achieving sustainable transport and mobility requires an integrated approach to public policy, technology and in close cooperation with the key stakeholders. It is a challenging area for policy makers and companies that requires long-term urban planning and a shift away from the use of conventional fuels. Our transport and mobility team has extensive experience of developing strategies to reduce transport emissions, through the use of low-carbon fuels; behavioural change; modal shift; and improved energy efficiency across road transport, maritime and inland shipping, and aviation.

Assessing alternative fuels

We assess the full range of fuel options and identify the most sustainable mix for your specific mobility needs. Informing industry and policymakers, our research provides insights into trends, markets, barriers and opportunities. All modalities, in both passenger and freight transport, will need to move away from fossil fuels towards more sustainable alternatives such as (bio)gas, electricity, biodiesel or hydrogen. Get in touch with us to learn about alternative fuels and the assessments we can provide.

Decarbonising transport

Decarbonising the transport sector is not limited to using alternative fuels and vehicle efficiency, but also encompasses greenhouse gas reduction at logistical sites, airports and ports. Gain the insights you need for your particular decarbonisation challenge; we assess sustainability criteria and investigate the potential for introducing low-carbon approaches and technologies. To drive down emissions of ships at berth, for example, we develop business cases for shore-side electricity. Ecofys also evaluates the impact and success of transport policy instruments, such as the electric mobility funding of the German government. Our wide-ranging expertise is able to support your company to set science-based targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and translate those to concrete actions in your supply chain.

Let us help you to make transport sustainable.