Expand biomass sustainably

The world needs more biomass

Biomass is crucial for reaching renewable energy and bio-based economy ambitions. Currently, it   provides transport fuels, materials and chemicals that have replaced fossil feedstocks. In heavy road transport, shipping and aviation, biofuels are easily integrated into the existing fuels infrastructure, while the options for other renewable alternatives are limited. Interest in bio-based chemicals and plastics is rapidly increasing. Meanwhile, the unsustainable traditional use of biomass, in the form of firewood and charcoal for cooking and heating in developing countries, can be greatly improved. Sustainable alternatives are expected to play an important role for many decades to come.

Meeting the sustainability challenge

Biomass, however, requires land and is intertwined with traditional agricultural markets. This raises complex questions about its sustainability and impacts, related to the direct or indirect use of land and water resources, or to agricultural activities and inputs. Consequently, the international policy debate is dominated by concerns about food security, net climate impacts and biodiversity. Ecofys experts understand these societal concerns, and will help you to develop appropriate solutions.

Designing sustainable biomass policies

Ecofys is closely involved with European policy-making in the field of biofuels and bio-based materials. We are a principal advisor to the European Committee to assist the approval of voluntary certification schemes, on monitoring sustainability impacts from the EU biofuels market, and on climate impacts from Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC). We are also involved in evaluating and developing biomass policies in EU Member States and other countries, aimed at increasing the use of, or feedstock base for, sustainable biomass.

Providing solutions across the supply chain

Ecofys provides solutions throughout the supply chain, assessing the potential to collect or produce feedstock at regional and international levels. We assist plantation development and improve farm-level practices. Our team also monitors the development of international trade, as a function of supply and demand across the globe. We can help you to evaluate the technical and economic viability of producing biomass power, biogas, biofuels and biomaterials, and we aid the deployment of fuels and materials to replace fossil sources.

Ecofys is your reliable partner for all biomass and energy-related activities, with many years of experience. We are involved at all levels, supporting policy-makers, boardroom decision-makers and financial strategists, as well as innovative entrepreneurs, farmer cooperatives and local communities. We connect the policy to the practice and vice versa, with the goal to increase sustainable biomass production and use.

We look forward to providing you with the biomass insights you need.