Ensure power system security

Keeping climate change within acceptable limits requires the power sector to be ‘decarbonised’, through a radical increase in electricity production from renewable sources. This calls for a fundamental change in how power systems are structured and operated. Power networks, as well as technical equipment, norms, and standards need to be adapted to this new reality, to ensure a cost-effective and secure power supply during and after the transformation. Ecofys’ technical expertise, combined with our thorough understanding of the accompanying changes to power markets and institutional frameworks, allows us to deliver a wide range of services in the following fields:

Installing ‘smartgrids’ and ensuring power system security

As the transformation takes place, large-scale conventional synchronous generators, with high-voltage levels, will be replaced by a cloud of small- or medium-scale variable renewable generators. These will be connected via distribution grids, or ‘smartgrids’, dominated by inverter-based energy-generation technologies. This change in architecture demands a system that can coordinate myriad distributed actors and cope with huge data flows. We will support you in overcoming this challenge: our work ranges from assessing power-system security to designing transitional asset-management strategies. Benefit from our influential work assessing the transient stability of interconnected systems, and the design of future grid codes.

Facilitating wider market integration with ‘supergrids’

Reaching higher renewable penetration levels in Europe calls for the regional integration of markets. It demands transmission expansion on a continental scale, potentially delivered by overlaying transmission corridors, or ‘supergrids’. We can help you to strategically assess the costs and benefits of different regional grid configurations, analyse operational needs and consider compliance with emerging regulatory frameworks. We have performed leading work designing North Sea offshore grids, and assessing the benefits of the EU Projects of Common Interest.

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