Energy Policies

A transition to carbon-neutral energy generation is essential due to climate change. Over the past 15 years, the renewable energy sector has developed dynamically, and energy efficiency policies are beginning to have an impact. The right set of energy policies needs to be in place to ensure this positive trend continues.

Ecofys, through its business area Energy Policies, is a leading expert on policymaking in this field within Europe. We advise government and corporate clients on how to shift towards supplying carbon-neutral energy. Specifically, we provide guidance on how to design, develop and optimise policy instruments. Once these policies are in operation, we analyse and evaluate their impacts, and recommend further improvements. Because climate change cannot now be halted, we also support our clients to develop smart strategies for adaptation in combination with mitigation measures. With projects in more than 50 countries, we provide knowledge to clients all over the world.

  • Introduce effective policies for renewable energy

    Creating an energy system with a high proportion of renewables will be a major challenge in the coming decades. Ecofys helps to design and implement policy measures that attract investments in renewables, at low cost. We also evaluate the effects of existing policy and market frameworks, not just for renewables but across the entire energy system.
  • Scale up energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency first – how to make it happen
    Improving energy efficiency is key to achieving energy and climate targets. In 2016, several reviews of related directives will take place, which will inform the future framework of energy policy. Ecofys provides expertise to governments and NGOs in designing, implementing and evaluating energy-efficiency policy strategies and instruments, and supports corporate actors in developing the right business strategies for growing energy efficiency markets.
  • Increase climate resilience

    Become resilient to today’s weather – and tomorrow’s climate
    Despite efforts to reduce emissions, we are set to experience the inevitable impacts of climate change in the near, medium and long term. Businesses and organisations need to understand their vulnerability to such impacts, how to reduce their risk and increase their resilience whilst preparing for a low-carbon economy.

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