Create low-carbon buildings

The building sector is facing a radical transition

The building sector is responsible for about 25% of global CO2 emissions. In the European Union, 40% of all energy consumed is used in buildings (around 3500 TWh/a [terawatt hours per year]) for heating, domestic hot water and cooling.  To meet climate targets, the EU aims for the building sector to reduce greenhouse gases by between 88% and 91% by 2050.

To achieve this ambitious goal, heating and cooling operations within the building sector need to shift rapidly from relying on hydrocarbon-dominated combustion to using renewable fuel sources. Significantly reducing energy demand will be crucial to enabling that energy transition to take place. The successful introduction of (nearly) zero-energy buildings, and a substantial increase in insulating and retro-fitting existing buildings to conserve energy and enhance renewable use, will be vital.

Benefit from our comprehensive buildings expertise

Ecofys has a long track record of promoting low-carbon buildings, and experience of delivering diverse independent consultancy services to a variety of client groups. One of our specialist fields is implementation of the European Building Performance Directive (EBPD). Our client portfolio includes the European Commission, multinational corporations, national governments, non-governmental organisations, professional associations and construction-related industries. We perform research and development projects for our clients, on themes covering market analysis and economic feasibility, and we devise ways to minimise energy use in both new and existing buildings.

Our clients appreciate our wide-ranging international experience, which enables us to overcome challenges, such as how to connect innovative buildings with existing energy grids. Let us help you to achieve your targets and to grow your business in a sustainable way!