Climate Strategies and Policies

The Climate Change Agreement in Paris 2015 cemented all countries’ commitments to avoid dangerous climate change, by limiting global warming to well below 2°C. It recognised the contributions being made towards this goal, through a myriad of initiatives, by corporates and other non-state actors.

Ecofys’ presence and visibility at international climate events, such as Paris 2015 and other Conference of Parties (COP) of the UNFCCC, and our work with national governments on policy development and climate finance, illustrate our thought leadership in this area. We combine an overview of the global climate change landscape with detailed knowledge of stakeholders, countries, policy instruments and actions needed to implement the required global shift to low-carbon economies. Using this knowledge, we help our customers to design, finance and implement effective strategies and policies that will achieve a resilient, low-carbon future.

  • Develop low-carbon futures

    We believe the world’s energy system can become fully sustainable by 2050. Join us in shaping the global energy future to achieve net zero greenhouse-gas emissions by the mid of the century. Long-term decisions and investments are being made today; are your decisions fit for a zero-emissions world?
  • Unlock climate finance

    Connect international climate finance to local needs
    Trillions of dollars must be invested in a low-carbon future over the coming decades to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. International climate finance can help close the emissions gap, while enabling countries to develop sustainably in line with their national priorities. Ecofys connects international climate finance to local needs, to facilitate low-carbon implementation, particularly in developing countries. We work along the entire chain from funding source to the recipients.
  • Design effective carbon pricing

    Carbon pricing plays an essential role in the policy mix needed to implement the decarbonisation pathway encouraged by the Paris Agreement. Ecofys, a Navigant company, assists governments to design carbon pricing policies, and helps the corporate sector to understand the impacts of carbon pricing and to make most of the opportunities it provides.
  • Accelerate cooperative climate action

    Achieving greater impact
    In recent years a groundswell of climate action by cities, regions and companies has emerged through initiatives such as RE100 (which encourages influential companies to commit to 100% renewable power) and the Compact of Mayors (the world’s largest coalition of city leaders). At Ecofys, we help clients accelerate cooperative climate action, for their own and the world’s benefit.