Accelerate cooperative climate action

Achieving greater impact

Cities, regions and businesses have cooperated on initiatives to take action on climate change for many years. The Paris Agreement recognised the significance of such initiatives by non-state actors, and appointed two high-level champions to connect them to the international process. At Ecofys we work with cities and businesses to strengthen their initiatives; with governments to help them understand the impact of these actions and to consider how they might be scaled up; and with international organisations, such as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), to understand how non-state initiatives link to international processes.

Tracking impact

Non-state initiatives play an important role in delivering action against climate change and in inspiring governments to increase their level of ambition. Unless there is reliable information on the impacts these initiatives have, however, their importance can go unrecognised. Ecofys has created a platform to showcase and report on the array of current cooperative initiatives and their impacts. We have published the first report to quantify the greenhouse gas reductions that will be delivered by all initiatives by 2020. We are well placed to help you to develop efficient tracking systems, and to analyse delivery from initiatives, either individually or collectively.

Strengthening cooperation

Cooperation with others can deliver outcomes that are not possible, or are too resource-intensive, for individual businesses or cities. Achieving optimal efficiency requires appropriate cooperation. Using our experience of working with businesses, cities and initiatives, we help you to achieve your aims by strengthening the way in which you work with other organisations.

Creating new initiatives

Cooperative initiatives bring strengths to participants that are not available to them when they work alone. Supported by our knowledge of international climate action and the landscape of cooperative initiatives, we help cities and businesses to identify and join existing initiatives that are best suited to them. We also bring parties together to create new, effective collaborative ventures.

If you run an initiative and are seeking greater impact; if you represent a business or city and want to have a greater impact through an initiative; or if you work for a government or non-governmental organisation that needs to understand or strengthen its cooperative action, we can help you to achieve your aims.