Ecofys - Experts in Energy

Together with Navigant, Ecofys offers an unrivalled combination of skills and expertise to help governments, utility companies, industry, NGOs and new entrants to navigate the energy transition and effectively respond to climate change. Let us guide you through the various services we provide, and the solutions we develop.

  • Urban Energy

    Ecofys’ business area Urban Energy assists corporate clients, associations and governments to develop strategies for implementation that meet the needs of the future urban energy system. We particularly understand the changes needed to achieve this transition within the triangle of governments, energy players and end users.
  • Sustainable Industries and Services

    Ecofys knows how to navigate the complex world of energy transition, climate change and sustainability. Our business area Sustainable Industries and Services uses this knowledge to help you manage energy and climate risks. Through our support, you will be able to identify and capture short-term business opportunities arising from the energy shift. We enable our clients to transform their businesses, so they become resilient and successful within the global low-carbon economy.
  • Energy Systems and Markets

    Ecofys’ business area Energy Systems and Markets supports energy generators, system operators and the public sector to steer the transition of energy towards a carbon-neutral generation. We focus on developing and operating large-scale renewable energy assets, as well as developing the regulatory framework for an efficient and secure energy system with the required level of flexibility.
  • Energy Policies

    Ecofys’ business area Energy Policies is a leader on policymaking in the energy domain within Europe. We provide guidance to government and corporate clients on how to design, develop and optimise policy instruments. Once these policies are in operation, we analyse and evaluate their impacts, and recommend further improvements.
  • Climate Strategies and Policies

    Ecofys’ business area Climate Strategies and Policies combines an overview of the global climate change landscape with detailed knowledge of stakeholders, countries, policy instruments and actions needed to implement the required global shift to low-carbon economies. Using this knowledge, we help our customers to design, finance and implement effective strategies and policies that will achieve a resilient, low-carbon future.