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  • Six Steps Closer to Climate Mitigation Finance

    How Can Developing Countries Tap into Climate Mitigation Funds from MDBs and the GCF? The clock is ticking and the world needs a rapid curb of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to avoid surpassing the 2°C threshold. Due to the ratification of the Paris Agreement, countries face the demanding task of implementing policies to decarbonise their economies. The challenge is daunting, especia...
    Posted 12-04-2017 By: Angélica Afanador Category: Energy & Climate Policy Comments: 0
  • What’s new about Paris

    Role of the private sector to become much more important A lot has been said about how national climate efforts under the Paris Climate Agreement will usher in a new energy future, but few have noticed another important change that COP21 heralds: for the first time non-state actors will start playing a prominent role in climate action, write Rolf de Vos a...
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  • How companies can determine their fair climate share

    If energy-intensive industries were to get together and make joint climate pledges, how could they determine what would be a fair and significant contribution for each company? There are new tools available for this, including so-called Science Based Targets used by organisations like WWF, the Carbo...
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  • We need INDCs from industry too!

    Countries across the world are making climate pledges for 2030 through their INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions). Why can’t industrial sectors do the same? Industries are afraid that climate measures will hurt their international competitiveness, but this problem could be avoided if...
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  • Four reasons for business to follow the Paris process

    This blog post was written by Maarten Neelis and Rolf de Vos. Most companies pay little attention to the complex processes going on within the UN climate negotiations. There are, however, good reasons why companies should follow the Paris process, and especially the “intended nationally determined ...
    Posted 11-06-2015 By: Maarten Neelis Category: Energy & Carbon Efficiency Comments: 0
  • What to expect of the Paris Climate Summit (and beyond)

    Kornelis Blok, Katja Eisbrenner and Lina Li have contributed to this blog post.
    The Paris Climate Summit end 2015 raises high expectations, higher than ever since the 2009 Copenhagen Summit. But how should we rate these promising perspectives? We should not expect a ‘Paris’ pressure cooker that sud...
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