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  • What to take away from the State of the Energy Union?

    A brief analysis As foreseen by the European Commission’s Communication on the Energy Union from February 2015, the State of the Energy Union was published on 18 November 2015. It is intended to address the key issues and steer the political debate by providing a state of play, challenges and next steps of the imple...
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  • Halving the EU’s gas imports

    Enhanced action on energy efficiency and renewable energy can half the EU’s gas imports and achieve more than 40% GHG reductions This blog post was written by Taryn Fransen, World Resources Institute, and Niklas Höhne, Ecofys. Later this week, the European Council will vote on a target to further ...
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  • Roadmaps: Understanding future policies to develop sector visions

    Raising the challenge Over the next years and decades, we will see dramatic changes in the way we live, the way we consume, and the way we manufacture. Human kind has stretched the use of our planet’s natural resources far beyond its limits, and we need to cut back. In other words, as the OECD puts...
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  • What is a “fair” contribution of the EU to the 2°C limit?

    40% emission reductions by 2030 is not enough This blog post has been written by Dr. Niklas Höhne:

    A greenhouse gas reduction target for the EU in 2030 would have to be in the order of 50% or more (with a large range) below 1990 to be compatible with the EU’s goal to limit global temperature increase to 2°C. Since 1996 the EU has repeatedly emp...
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