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  • How can business contribute to climate targets in a profitable way?

    Making the Paris Agreement a reality The annual Conference of the Parties (COP) is a multi-faced animal. On the one hand, there are the formal negotiations where, since this year, details of the implementation of the Paris Agreement are discussed in seemingly endless meetings resulting in slow progress on the key items conferred. This ...
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  • How companies can determine their fair climate share

    If energy-intensive industries were to get together and make joint climate pledges, how could they determine what would be a fair and significant contribution for each company? There are new tools available for this, including so-called Science Based Targets used by organisations like WWF, the Carbo...
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  • From what and why to how: Next steps in non-state climate action

    Interest has grown considerably in the field of non-state climate action, largely because there is a lot to gain. Efforts in tracking, analysing and quantifying these initiatives have been growing in number as researchers and climate actors continue to look for ways to bridge the emissions gap cause...
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  • We need INDCs from industry too!

    Countries across the world are making climate pledges for 2030 through their INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions). Why can’t industrial sectors do the same? Industries are afraid that climate measures will hurt their international competitiveness, but this problem could be avoided if...
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  • Corporate climate actions that matter

    Guidance for companies to set science-based climate targets Earlier this year, scientists released an alarming message on climate change: we must do much more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to keep below 2 degrees Celsius and limit climate change impacts. They based this message on an extensive study, published by IPCC in the Fifth Assessment Re...
    Posted 12-09-2014 By: Jeroen de Beer Category: Energy & Carbon Efficiency Comments: 0
  • What is a “fair” contribution of the EU to the 2°C limit?

    40% emission reductions by 2030 is not enough This blog post has been written by Dr. Niklas Höhne:

    A greenhouse gas reduction target for the EU in 2030 would have to be in the order of 50% or more (with a large range) below 1990 to be compatible with the EU’s goal to limit global temperature increase to 2°C. Since 1996 the EU has repeatedly emp...
    Posted 21-01-2014 By: Kornelis Blok Category: Energy & Climate Policy Comments: 1