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  • What’s new about Paris

    Role of the private sector to become much more important A lot has been said about how national climate efforts under the Paris Climate Agreement will usher in a new energy future, but few have noticed another important change that COP21 heralds: for the first time non-state actors will start playing a prominent role in climate action, write Rolf de Vos a...
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  • What to expect of the Paris Climate Summit (and beyond)

    Kornelis Blok, Katja Eisbrenner and Lina Li have contributed to this blog post.
    The Paris Climate Summit end 2015 raises high expectations, higher than ever since the 2009 Copenhagen Summit. But how should we rate these promising perspectives? We should not expect a ‘Paris’ pressure cooker that sud...
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  • Two steps forward, one step back

    Making sense of the climate change negotiations How do past achievements impact future developments in energy and climate? Ecofys turns 30 and looks back to look ahead. In September of last year, the world saw the largest popular protests on climate change to date. 400,000 people took to the streets in New York City; 40,000 in London. The demons...
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  • ETS market after 2020: Leftovers from Phase 3 will have an impact

    New Entrance Reserve and reduced allocations will hit the EU ETS With all attention focused nowadays on the start date and the details of the Market Stability Reserve, it is easy to overlook yet another source of allowances that might impact the already oversupplied EU ETS market in 2020: the leftover allowances from Phase 3. Last summer, a status update on the ...
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  • We can still limit global warming to 2°C!

    This blog post has been written by Dr. Niklas Höhne: An increase in the global mean temperature of two degrees would already result in fatal consequences: The agricultural productivity would be heavily impaired, the sea level would rise by up to one metre in this century and dying coral reefs would...
    Posted 15-11-2012 By: Kornelis Blok Category: Energy & Climate Policy Comments: 4
  • Wedging the Gap

    A bottom-up approach to the global climate challenge Weather records are piling up in the US and worldwide, and the seasonal state of the Arctic sea ice melt is the worst we’ve seen so far. And in the meantime, greenhouse gas emissions are still rising, where they should now start to go down to keep average global warming below 2 degrees C (3.6 degree...
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