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  • Setting Science-Based Targets

    How Long Can Companies Afford to Neglect Setting Science-Based Climate Targets? This blog post was prepared with contributions from Vincent Hoen, Jeroen Scheepmaker, and Frank Stern. During the last 3 years, more than 300 companies have signed up to participate in the Science Based Targets initiative. The combined revenue of these companies runs into the billions of US dollars...
    Posted 03-01-2018 By: Giel Linthorst Category: Energy & Climate Policy Comments: 0
  • Connecting the dots: Connect At COP!

    Until the Paris COP, the climate debate was largely focused on the direction and policy framework of an agreement. With the signing of the Paris agreement, the call to action was broadened to include many stakeholders and sectors, yet, the agreement alone will not protect us from the most dangerous ...
    Posted 20-10-2017 By: Katja Eisbrenner Category: Energy & Climate Policy Comments: 1
  • Working Together towards a Circular Economy in Europe

    The European Commission is taking the lead on circular economy strategies through the circular economy package. Thus, an increasing number of industry associations and companies in Europe are working towards a circular economy. They are devising ways to implement related measures to reap the benefit...
    Posted 18-10-2017 By: Preeti Srivastav Category: Energy & Carbon Efficiency Comments: 0