Annemarie Kerkhof

Sustainable Industries and Services

Standort: Utrecht, Niederlande

Annemarie Kerkhof started working at Ecofys in 2012. She is a Managing Consultant who uses her in-depth knowledge of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to help companies and governments in finding sustainable solutions. Currently, she supports the European Commission – DG Environment in the three-year Environmental Footprint (EF) Pilot Phase (2013-2016) in which she is part of the helpdesk, training team and expert panel. In 2013, she helped the chemical industry in developing guidelines for accounting and reporting avoided emissions in the value chain. This initiative took place under the leadership of WBCSD and ICCA. In addition, Annemarie has experience with international standardisation initiatives. She was the Dutch representative for the ISO/TS 14067 on the Carbon Footprints of Products and she was actively involved in the GHG Protocol road test. Annemarie published several papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and got her PhD in 2009 with her thesis “Distributional effects of climate policies – Studies on households and countries in Europe”. The thesis provides insight into the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of household consumption in a number of European countries and the related costs of a CO2 tax per income group.

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