Connecting the dots: Connect At COP!


Katja Eisbrenner
Climate Strategies and Policies

Until the Paris COP, the climate debate was largely focused on the direction and policy framework of an agreement. With the signing of the Paris agreement, the call to action was broadened to include many stakeholders and sectors, yet, the agreement alone will not protect us from the most dangerous impacts of climate change.

The good news, however, is that the range of parties taking action continues to grow. Many cities, companies, and investors are now stepping up and committing to a low-carbon future. But to achieve a real impact, we must go beyond individual actions. We need new alliances and new ways of thinking and cooperating.

For example, cities could join forces with utilities in shaping the future energy supply; governments could link up with the private sector to finance projects and begin implementation; and previously separate ministries, like finance and environment, could start working closer together on climate-related risks.

Only through connecting the dots between stakeholders, technologies, and finance can we get on the path to mainstream climate action. Being at the forefront of energy and climate thinking, together with public and private clients alike, we see exciting examples of such new alliances and innovative approaches.

In the lead up to COP, we will share a range of inspiring projects that demonstrate these concepts and provide a true impact across sectors and stakeholders.

We look forward to a COP23 filled with encouraging connections.

See you in Bonn and #ConnectAtCOP!

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