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Berichten getagged met 'climate change'

  • Halving the EU’s gas imports

    Enhanced action on energy efficiency and renewable energy can half the EU’s gas imports and achieve more than 40% GHG reductions This blog post was written by Taryn Fransen, World Resources Institute, and Niklas Höhne, Ecofys. Later this week, the European Council will vote on a target to further ...
    Geplaatst 20-10-2014 Door: Niklas Höhne Categorie: Energiebesparing & CO2-efficiëntie Reacties: 0
  • Corporate climate actions that matter

    Guidance for companies to set science-based climate targets Earlier this year, scientists released an alarming message on climate change: we must do much more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to keep below 2 degrees Celsius and limit climate change impacts. They based this message on an extensive study, published by IPCC in the Fifth Assessment Re...
    Geplaatst 12-09-2014 Door: Jeroen de Beer Categorie: Energiebesparing & CO2-efficiëntie Reacties: 0
  • Limiting temperature rise to 2°C is still possible

    This blog post by Cynthia Elliott, Yamide Dagnet, Michel den Elzen and Niklas Höhne is part of the ACT 2015 project and was originally published at wri.org on 16 July 2014.

    As the world continues to warm, many academics question whether the international goal to limit global temperature rise to 2°C i...
    Geplaatst 24-07-2014 Door: Niklas Höhne Categorie: Energie- & klimaatbeleid Reacties: 0
  • Breaking new ground to limit global climate change

    The urgency to limit climate change has increased. But there is also evidence that we could speed up the pace significantly, if we are ready to break new ground. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC) is releasing the last of three parts of its major assessment on mitigation of clima...
    Geplaatst 11-04-2014 Door: Niklas Höhne Categorie: Energie- & klimaatbeleid Reacties: 0
  • EU’s 2030 energy and climate package

    More than a greenhouse gas target needed The energy and climate package agreed by the EU in 2008 formed a milestone in EU policy making. It included a target to achieve 20% of renewable energy, 20% energy efficiency improvements, and 20% reductions in GHG emissions by 2020. The implementation status of these targets is mixed: Renewable...
    Geplaatst 18-04-2013 Door: Niklas Höhne Categorie: Energie- & klimaatbeleid Reacties: 0
  • US climate action: A call for more than individual approaches

    Global climate change affects the American public with growing visibility and ferocity. As severe weather events wreak havoc on the East coast or wildfires consume hundreds of thousands of acres in the West, concern about the effects of climate change grow. In addition, the American public bears a h...
    Geplaatst 10-01-2013 Door: Ken Dragoon Categorie: Energiebesparing & CO2-efficiëntie Reacties: 1
  • We can still limit global warming to 2°C!

    An increase in the global mean temperature of two degrees would already result in fatal consequences: The agricultural productivity would be heavily impaired, the sea level would rise by up to one metre in this century and dying coral reefs would threaten the attached food chain. Europe would suffer...
    Geplaatst 15-11-2012 Door: Niklas Höhne Categorie: Energie- & klimaatbeleid Reacties: 0
  • Climate Policy and the US Election

    Although Climate Change was hardly mentioned in the US Presidential campaigns, truly massive forces struggled behind the scenes. A series of Supreme Court rulings unleashed corporate campaign spending, with one estimate placing the total cost of the 2012 election at $6 billion. Although court ruling...
    Geplaatst 08-11-2012 Door: Ken Dragoon Categorie: Energie- & klimaatbeleid Reacties: 0
  • Wedging the Gap

    A bottom-up approach to the global climate challenge Weather records are piling up in the US and worldwide, and the seasonal state of the Arctic sea ice melt is the worst we’ve seen so far. And in the meantime, greenhouse gas emissions are still rising, where they should now start to go down to keep average global warming below 2 degrees C (3.6 degree...
    Geplaatst 19-06-2012 Door: Kees van der Leun Categorie: Energie- & klimaatbeleid Reacties: 0