With energy and climate markets and technologies continuously changing, profound knowledge is key to all decision making. Ecofys supports authorities and corporate organisations alike in meeting the energy and climate challenge of the 21st century. The strategic studies, reports or market assessments we conduct provide valuable and reliable information on the latest developments and anticipated trends.

In this section you will find an overview of reports that are published or (co)written by Ecofys.

  • Carbon costs for the steel sector in Europe post-2020

    Impact assessment of the proposed ETS revision In July 2015, the European Commission (EC) launched its proposal for a revised European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) for the period after 2020. The resulting carbon costs to energy-intensive sect
  • Costs and Benefits of Energy Efficiency Targets

    Commissioned by Friends of the Earth, this short study replicates the results from the Impact Assessment for the Energy Efficiency Communication using alternative discount rates for energy efficiency
  • Low Carbon Transport Fuels: Key to a sustainable economy

    Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative, led by WBCSD Commissioned by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Ecofys coordinated a comprehensive guide of sustainable fuel technologies available today that can drive down emissions in the t
  • Green to Scale

    Low-carbon success stories to inspire the world The argument that decoupling emissions from the economy would be difficult, expensive, and compromising economic development no longer holds. This Sitra report, based on an analysis by Ecofys, has fou
  • Huge potential from global energy efficiency standards

    Savings and benefits of global regulations for energy efficient products: A ‘cost of non-world’ study Minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) and energy efficiency labels for appliances and equipment are increasingly applied by countries around the world, but in a variety of ways and at different
  • The current proposal for an energy label for windows

    Brief Analysis of Pros and Cons In this brief study we have analysed several aspects of the proposed energy label for windows. In particular, we looked at the preparatory study’s Task 7 report and the two working documents by

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