30 Years at the forefront of energy and climate solutions
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With energy and climate markets and technologies continuously changing, profound knowledge is key to all decision making. Ecofys supports authorities and corporate organisations alike in meeting the energy and climate challenge of the 21st century. The strategic studies, reports or market assessments we conduct provide valuable and reliable information on the latest developments and anticipated trends.

In this section you will find an overview of reports that are published or (co)written by Ecofys.

  • Heating & cooling strategy for the European building sector 2050

    Position Paper To achieve the EU climate targets for the building sector, the energy demand in buildings needs to be significantly reduced. At the same time, a complete transformation of the existing heating and coo
  • Has the EU Commission weakened its climate proposal? Possibly

    Climate Action Tracker Policy Brief Under the UNFCCC, all governments “in a position to do so” are asked to submit an “intended nationally determined contribution” (INDC) to a future international climate agreeme
  • The 2015 Energy Productivity and Economic Prosperity Index

    How Efficiency Will Drive Growth, Create Jobs and Spread Wellbeing Throughout Society This index report ranks countries based on their economic output per unit of energy consumed. Commissioned by Philips, the energy productivity index was authored by The Lisbon Council, Ecofys and Quin
  • It's time to peak

    Why China’s corporate sector needs to set ambitious GHG reduction targets As the world’s largest emitter, China’s role in fighting climate change can hardly be overestimated. Building on similar initiatives globally and using a number of China specific scenarios
  • Best practice design features for RES-E support schemes

    A DiaCore paper In Europe, electricity from renewable energy sources (RES-E) has mostly been supported through feed-in systems. The core strength of feed-in systems is to minimise investment risks for RES-E, but they
  • Overview of Member States information on nZEBs

    Updated Progress Report on Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings For the European Commission Ecofys provided an overview of the information communicated by Member States on Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEBs). The working version of the Progress Report gives an ov

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