30 Years at the forefront of energy and climate solutions
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With energy and climate markets and technologies continuously changing, profound knowledge is key to all decision making. Ecofys supports authorities and corporate organisations alike in meeting the energy and climate challenge of the 21st century. The strategic studies, reports or market assessments we conduct provide valuable and reliable information on the latest developments and anticipated trends.

In this section you will find an overview of reports that are published or (co)written by Ecofys.

  • IDFC Green Finance Mapping for 2013


    The International Development Finance Club (IDFC) is a group of twenty international, national, and regional development banks that share a similar vision of the potential for development finance to support sustainable development while playing an increasing...

  • Investments in pipeline or ship CO2 transport

    Impact of risks and uncertainties

    The goal of this study is to analyse which of the two marine CO2 transport options, pipeline or ship, is the financially preferable one. The study compares the Net Present Value of the two CO2 marine transport options under the prevailing uncertain...

  • Barriers to implementation of CCS

    Capacity Constraints

    In this study, commissioned in 2010 by IEAGHG, Ecofys assess possible supply chain constraints that could arise if Carbon Capture and Storage is deployed according to the implementation scheme in the IEA CCS Roadmap. The study looks at physical constraints...

  • Public Engagement in the Clean Energy Transition

    US-German Clean Energy Leadership Series (Volume II)

    The transition from a fossil-based to a renewables-based electricity system relies on active engagement with the public. As renewable energy...

  • A Competitive and Efficient Lime Industry

    2050 Roadmap

    Increasing carbon constraints towards 2050 invite the European lime industry to look for ways to become even more CO2-efficient, while maintaining its global competitiveness. On behalf of the European Lime Association, Ecofys developed a roadmap that identified...

  • Annual Status Report on NAMAs

    November 2014

    There is an increasing activity on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs). Currently, 58 NAMAs are registered in the UNFCCC NAMA Registry, not including the four unilateral NAMAs that are seeking recognition. The NAMA Database counts a total...

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