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Status of the European biofuels market


European Commission, DG Energy
Biofuel chain

Assisting the EC in reporting on biofuels developments and associated impacts

Ecofys supports the European Commission in the evaluation of the present biofuels market and upstream sustainability impacts. Data is collected on many aspects related to biofuels supply chains in Europe and third countries. This helps the Commission in its obligatory reporting on the status of the biofuels playing field and also provides a reference baseline for future evaluations. Within the project, the methodology for collecting and processing data is also developed and refined.

Ecofys is responsible for overall project management and content-wise also focusses on the production, consumption and trade aspects. A unique methodology was developed to derive the origin and type of feedstock from global trade balances, accounting for triangular trade. This information is necessary to understand the role of EU biofuels consumption in the effects signaled in countries that supply biofuels feedstock. We evaluated the current biofuels technology status in Europe and carried out selected assessments on, for example, greenhouse gas performance. Subcontractors substantially contributed to other parts of the research such as local data collection in a broad range of third countries, on environmental and social impacts, and the macroeconomic evaluation of how EU biofuels consumption affected food prices and total land use change. Ecofys was responsible for assembling and editing all contributions into a final report that answered the client’s questions.


Carlo Hamelinck
Michèle Koper