Our story

Paradigm shift in energy thinking

In 1984 a group of six young men with creative and entrepreneurial minds got together to change the world’s energy supply. Excited by the massive potential of renewable energy they founded our company - one which is dedicated to designing solutions across the entire spectrum of sustainable energy systems. The paradigm shift in energy thinking had begun. 

Today, more than a quarter of a century later, Ecofys serves public and corporate clients all over the world and has become a leading expert in energy saving, sustainable energy solutions and climate policies. Ecofys is an innovative and creative company with a unique pool of knowledge and expertise. Key to the company’s success are the synergies that arise from our wide range of energy and climate activities. Ecofys creates smart, effective and practical sustainable solutions across the entire spectrum of renewable energy, energy & carbon efficiency, energy systems & markets and energy & climate policy.

sustainable energy for everyone

Our work is rewarding in itself. But we are equally delighted and honoured to find our efforts recognised:

(c) European Business Awards
European Business Award 2016
Ecofys, elected as one of the National Champions by an independently judged part of the competition, was nominated for the European Business Award 2016. Our company was listed in the category of innovation for its work on a new methodology to set corporate emission reduction targets in line with climate science. The methodology had been developed as part of the Science Based Targets initiative of CDP, UN Global Compact, WRI and WWF.

Ecofys Erasmus innovation award
Erasmus Innovation Award 2008
In 2008, Ecofys won the Erasmus Innovation Award. The award for the most innovative company was presented during the INSCOPE “Research for Innovation” congress in Rotterdam. Ecofys was one of five nominated organisations. The selection was made on the basis of an annual survey involving 10,000 Dutch companies.

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IPCC: Nobel Peace Prize 2007
The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) involved close to 2000 scientists from approximately 100 countries, with Ecofys employing 11 of these scientists. The IPCC reports are mainly written by the lead authors, while others contribute, comment or review. All of them shared the honour of winning the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. MORE >>