• New research looks into relation between socio-economic data on housing conditions and well-being

    Ecofys has started new research into the relation between quality of dwelling, socio-economic data and well-being in EU28 and its Member States. Commissioned by Velux and based on Eurostat microdata from the revolving EU-wide survey „Income and Living Conditions in Europe“ (EU-SILC), the study assesses statistical links between well-being and housing conditions - a research largely missing so far....
  • Sialkot in Pakistan: NAMA could provide industry with access to renewables and trigger significant emissions reductions

    The use of photovoltaic panels in an industrial sector in Sialkot, Pakistan, could mitigate up to 377,000 tons of carbon dioxide and gain average savings of US$27,400 per year on electricity costs. These are findings from a CDKN project in which Ecofys assessed a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) as a policy tool to provide renewable energy to the city’s industry. Sialkot City is on...
  • Ecofys presents lessons learnt from the global implementation of auctions for renewable energy support

    Ecofys has published a report assessing the experiences with auctions for renewable energy support from 12 countries around the world: Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, UK, Brazil, China, South Africa and USA (California). The report identifies general trends in auction design and implementation, and draws lessons learnt from these countries. The report builds on cas...
  • Ecofys assessed waste-to-energy potential for cement industry in the EU

    There is no technical limitation at cement plants to increase the share of alternative fuels from 36% now to 95% EU-wide. In a recent study for Cembureau, Ecofys has investigated how the European cement industry could contribute to Europe’s waste-to-energy capacity. Accelerating the uptake of alternative fuels in the cement industry can contribute to three major ambitions of the EU: reduce the am...

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