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  • Climate Action Tracker: rapid phase out of coal essential, but not enough to stay below 2°C warming

    A rapid phase out of coal as an electricity source by 2050 would reduce global warming by 0.5°C, according to the Climate Action Tracker, in an update released today ahead of the Ban ki-Moon climate summit. The Climate Action Tracker, put together by research organisations Climate Analytics, Ecofys, and the Pik Potsdam Institute, has calculated that under current Government policies, the world is ...
  • Ecofys and ASN Bank: New tool to calculate carbon impact of a financial portfolio

    Ecofys, together with ASN Bank, has developed a methodology for calculating the carbon impact of their entire financial portfolio. The concept of carbon risks, carbon (disclosure) regulation and the development of standards is causing a spike in interest from the financial sector for carbon accounting of investments. The methodology allows the user to monitor their progress towards climate neutra...
  • Ecofys and partners develop new database of International Cooperative Initiatives

    A new web-platform will provide key information on International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs) in operation worldwide. Commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers, Ecofys is currently developing this Climate Initiative Database with support from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and the World Resource Institute. A comprehensive overview of ICI activities is u...
  • Study analyses need for electrical energy storage systems in Schleswig-Holstein

    A new analysis shows which energy storage technologies can be applied efficiently and effectively in the German Federal State Schleswig-Holstein. The region is characterised by high capacities of wind power plants, and in future may generate three times more electricity than it consumes. Commissioned by the Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Areas Schleswig-Holstein, Ecofys...