• Windless winter weeks: The impact of future heating supply on the energy infrastructure

    Pointing to the future benchmark situation in which cold weather drives up heating demand, while electricity supply is reduced due to low wind speeds, Ecofys has released a new presentation on “windless winter weeks”. Kees van der Leun, managing partner at Ecofys, discussed the impact our future way of heating will have on the energy infrastructure as a key note speaker at the 2016 edition of the ...
  • Examining the future of biomass logistics in the UK

    Investigating the future of biomass logistics in the UK, Ecofys will support Baringa Partners and Llamasoft in a new bioenergy project for the Energy Technologies Insitute. The six month project will model the logistics requirements of future bioenergy energy scenarios, identifying commonalities and differences across the different scenarios, highlighting potentially key decision points and acti...
  • Accelerating zero-emission building ambitions in the MENA region

    Ecofys leads a consortium of local consultants and agencies to accelerate the use of more efficient and renewable energy-based heating and cooling systems in buildings in the Middle East and North Africa. The project will support relevant private actors pilot projects in the MENA region, covering energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy systems in buildings. With a participatory...
  • Research calls for carbon pricing to incentivise higher GHG productivity throughout global value chains

    For carbon pricing to cost-effectively support decarbonisation, it is essential to incentivise higher GHG productivity throughout global value chains. This is one of the findings presented by Ecofys and The Generation Foundation at the UN climate summit today. The study is the first released under the Carbon Pricing Unlocked partnership. Contrary to the common practice of taking a “vertical” view...

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