• Costs for cellulosic ethanol decrease but stable government support needed to generate investments

    Advanced cellulosic biofuels can be a promising, sustainable alternative to fossil fuels in the transport sector but currently play only a minor role in the total fuel mix. In a study for ICCT and ECF, Ecofys assessed current and expected future production costs of a number of advanced biofuel pathways. Supported by the Passmore Group we also assessed which types of investors could be willing to ...
  • Ecofys competing for National Public Champion in the European Business Awards

    Ecofys will compete for the title of ‘National Public Champion’ for the Netherlands in this year’s European Business Awards, as the public vote opens for the first time. Ecofys is listed in the category of innovation and hopes to secure the award for its work on a new methodology to set corporate emission reduction targets in line with climate science. The methodology had been developed as part o...
  • How best to support existing CDM Programmes of Activities?

    For Programmes of Activities (PoAs) under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to realise their mitigation potential, the CDM process needs to be simpler, quicker and more predictable. A new study presents up-to-date insights into the implementation status of PoAs, especially considering the current context of low Certified Emission Reduction (CER) prices. PoAs were designed to tap sectors under...
  • CONNECT: Tool to visualize CO2 pipeline networks online

    An interactive tool allows users to create and visualize CO2 pipeline networks. Ecofys developed the online pipeline network assessment tool called CONNECT. It enables the user to connect multiple sources of CO2 with multiple storage locations into one or more networks. Insights into local possibilities for transport pipelines and networks for CO2 are difficult to grasp. Understanding the require...

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