• Climate Action Tracker: New Zealand climate target “inadequate” and “far from a fair share”

    New Zealand is far from doing its “fair share” of climate action, with its climate plans, submitted this week to the UN, and rated as “inadequate” by the Climate Action Tracker. The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) is an analysis undertaken by four independent European research organisations:  Climate Analytics, Ecofys, NewClimate Institute and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.  It ha...
  • One Planet Thinking explores boundaries of water and mineral use

    Early July marked another important development step for One Planet Thinking, an initiative to support companies in operating within the earth’s regenerative capacity. A group of scientists, consultancies, NGOs and leading progressive international businesses from a wide range of sectors gathered in Amsterdam to consider how water use and mineral use could be integrated into One Planet Thinking. U...
  • Global Commission finds economic opportunities can close the emissions gap

    A new report released by the Global Commission on the Economy and the Climate identifies ten key economic opportunities that could close up to 96 percent of the gap between business-as-usual emissions and the level needed to limit dangerous climate change. The new report, Seizing the Global Opportunity: Partnerships for Better Growth and a Better Climate, includes ten recommendations for global cl...
  • China’s climate targets for Paris are conflicting

    China’s new climate plans announced this week for the Paris Climate Agreement are conflicted, the Climate Action Tracker said today. China’s non-fossil primary energy target, actions to reduce coal use and wide range of other actions are set to make a major step toward a below 2oC pathway. However, one element – the proposed carbon intensity target - is much weaker than all the other elements put ...

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