• Zero emission vehicles need to take over car market to reach 1.5˚C limit

    Zero-emission vehicles are indispensable to meet the Paris Agreement’s emissions limits. Even a doubling of fuel standards for standard cars by 2030 would need to be accompanied by a surge in the sale of electric vehicles, or similar, to maintain a 2˚C, let alone a 1.5˚C pathway. These are findings from the latest analysis by the Climate Action Tracker. The transformation of the passenger transpor...
  • Wind measurement: Ecofys WTTS performs uncertainty assessment to support next round of Dutch offshore tenders

    In order to support the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( to drive down uncertainties and costs for developers, Ecofys WTTS has performed the first ever full uncertainty assessment of a floating LiDAR device. LiDAR, or Light Detection And Ranging, is a laser-based measurement device to determine wind characteristics up to 200 meters above ground level. Ecofys WTTS performed the uncertainty as...
  • Ecofys is designing Smart Market concepts for Agora Energiewende

    In a new project Ecofys defines so called ‘Smart Markets’ which align available grid capacities and demand/supply in areas of congestion. Agora Energiewende, a leading German think tank in the field of energy transition, has contracted Ecofys and Fraunhofer IWES to investigate and design potential and specific Smart Market concepts. Today, the dispatch of generation facilities is determined at el...
  • Ecofys WTTS to support development of community owned 300 MW wind project Zeewolde

    Through a comprehensive wind measurement campaign, Ecofys WTTS will support the development of the up to 300 MW wind farm Zeewolde. This onshore wind project in the Dutch province Flevoland is the biggest of its kind in the Netherlands and enjoys a unique level of local commitment: residents and businesses of the area have joined forces in the Ontwikkelverening Zeewolde to develop the wind farm. ...

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