• Wind measurement: Ecofys completes advanced cross-correlation for Wind SoDAR remote sensor

    In an assignment for the Vaisala Group, Ecofys WTTS validated the performance of the Triton SODAR against Ecofys WTTS’s own acceptance thresholds for SoDAR wind measurements. SoDAR, or Sonic Detection And Ranging devices, are used to measure the wind resource in a location in order to design and plan the wind park. Ecofys has applied its own standard criteria to verify the performance of SoDAR de...
  • Ecofys proposes roadmap for development of a Meta-standard for sustainable alternative aviation fuels

    Alternative aviation fuels are an important means to reduce life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from aviation, provided that these fuels are produced in a sustainable manner. Ecofys proposes a roadmap for the development of a Meta-standard for sustainable alternative aviation fuels that could be recognised under the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) proposed global market base...
  • Ecofys assesses cost-optimal U-values for buildings in Turkey

    Ecofys has investigated and mapped cost-optimal U-values for the Turkish building sector. The mapping comprises U-values in line with EPBD’s principle of cost-optimality under Turkish market conditions and Turkey’s official climate protection targets for different climate zones. U-values measure the insulating quality of a material. To investigate the U-values, Ecofys developed a complex model ...
  • Carbon Pricing Unlocked: findings on value chains shared at first expert roundtable

    Last week, the first Carbon Pricing Unlocked (CPU) roundtable took place in London. Experts from academia, foundations and the private sector came together to discuss the project’s initial findings. Carbon Pricing Unlocked is a joint research by Ecofys and the Generation Foundation that investigates how carbon pricing can facilitate sustainable global economic growth. The research’s first phase f...

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