• Ambitious EU energy efficiency targets would reduce additional costs considerably

    Using a lower discount rate for energy efficiency measures for households and private cars in the Impact Assessment of the European Commission could have produced a more ambitious energy efficiency target. Based on an earlier study that had found the discount rates in energy system modelling for the European Commission often being too high, a new paper calculates the energy system costs using a 10...
  • Climate Action Tracker on the paradox of Saudi Arabia’s climate plans

    The Saudi Arabian response to a strong Paris Agreement that reduced C02 emissions would be, paradoxically, to weaken its own climate commitments, the Climate Action Tracker said today. Saudi Arabia’s climate plans (Intended Nationally Determined Contribution, or INDC), submitted to the UN earlier this month, state that if the consequences of the Paris agreement were to create an “abnormal burden”...
  • Guide on sustainable fuel technologies shows how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport

    Eleven leading low-carbon fuel companies present a comprehensive guide that identifies a variety of available and accessible low-carbon fuel solutions. The guide, coordinated by Ecofys, was developed to help countries and businesses identify the most suitable low-carbon fuel technologies that will enable them to implement their climate commitments following this year’s climate talks in Paris. The ...
  • 17 existing climate solutions could cut global emissions by 25%

    A new report uncovers 17 climate solutions already in use that, if scaled, could deliver reductions equivalent to a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions today. The Sitra report “Green to Scale” that is based on analysis by Ecofys, took 17 successful low-carbon solutions from 36 countries, and asked what would happen if these were scaled up internationally, using realistic projections through...

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