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  • Test Site Lelystad: New combination of remote and mast wind measurement

    As of this week, a total of seven wind measurement devices will be active at Test Site Lelystad. Unique for a wind measurement testing facility, six out of those are remote sensing devices of different types and brands, meaning that they measure the wind speed and direction without the need for a traditional tall steel mast. The test site now hosts Laser based (LiDAR) and Sound based (SoDAR) inst...
  • Ecofys develops pilot tender concept for ground-mounted PV installations in Germany

    Ecofys has supported the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in developing a design concept for the planned pilot tendering of ground-mounted PV installations. The concept paper and scientific recommendations have been presented at a public consultation workshop in Berlin on 10 July, 2014. The introduction of a pilot auction scheme is part of the reform of the German Renewable Energy...
  • Study shows international influence of EU Ecodesign and Labelling legislation

    In view of equipment energy efficiency, the EU has benefited from best practice developed in other economies, for example sharing product performance, technology and cost data. At the same time, the EU has also been a major source of innovation and best practice itself, with energy labelling being a clear example. A new report analysed the degree to which EU policy measures on equipment energy ef...
  • Policy implications of different Primary Energy Factor definitions

    A recently launched report investigates to what extent different definitions of ‘Primary energy factors’ can have implications on EU energy policy. Primary energy factors (PEF) have been developed as a form of comparison and a number of EU directives refer to the implementation of primary energy factors in setting energy and climate targets. Yet while the method for calculating PEFs for fossil fu...