Michèle Koper

Sustainable Industries and Services

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Michèle Koper is a Senior Consultant and has been working at Ecofys since 2007. She completed the Technology and Society Program (MSc.) at the Eindhoven University of Technology and also graduated from the ‘Especialidad en Energias Renovables’ at the University of Salta, Argentina. Michèle speaks Dutch, Spanish and English fluently and has good knowledge of German and French.

Within Ecofys, she works as an international project manager on different types of projects, national as well as international with varying sizes. In these projects, she combines strong analytical and communication skills with excellent coordinating capabilities. One example is an extensive study managed and coordinated by Michèle which contained a resource assessment for second generation biofuels in a number of regions in Europe, focusing on future availability, price, market players and technical characteristics. Another example is a study recently performed by Ecofys for the European Commission (Progress Renewable Energy and Biofuel Sustainability 2014) in which a consortium of multiple partners coordinated by Michèle works on the topic of biofuel sustainability and the progress in renewable energy in the EU. She also works on projects outside Europe, for example on the development of a NAMA on rural electrification in Ethiopia and has managed the design of a project on solar energy for rural health centers in Senegal.

Michèle has contributed to the bioenergy potential assessment in 'The Energy report' in which Ecofys models a full sustainable energy scenario for 2050. Furthermore, she has a background in energy access, rural electrification and bioenergy, with experiences on topics like worldwide biomass resource assessments, sustainability and PV.