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Michèle Koper


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Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Michèle Koper is working at Ecofys as a Consultant since 2007. She completed the Technology and Society Program (MSc.) at the Eindhoven University of Technology specializing in environmental science and international innovation policy. During her thesis in Bolivia she concentrated on the factors influencing success and failure of small scale sustainable energy systems. After graduating she went to Argentina to complete an ‘Especialidad en Energias Renovables’ at the University of Salta.

Michèle speaks Dutch, Spanish and English fluently and has good knowledge of German and French. Within Ecofys she has specialised in worldwide biomass and residues resource assessments, trade, LCA and price forecasts. She further worked as general coordinator on several international projects. One example is a large resource assessment managed by Michèle for a large ethanol producer on feedstock availability in a number of regions in Europe, focusing on future availability, price, market players and technical characteristics. Another example is her contribution to 'The Energy report' in which Ecofys models a full sustainable energy scenario for 2050.

Other focus areas include sustainability issues surrounding biomass production (e.g. she worked on the design of Dutch reporting obligation on the sustainability of biofuels), lifecycle analysis on air quality emissions, greenhouse gas balances of a variety of bioenergy chains and on food products. On these topics Michèle worked in a wide range of projects for clients such as the European Commission, national governments, utilities, SME’s or multinationals.