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Niklas Höhne


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International Climate Policies

Location: Cologne, Germany

Dr. Niklas Höhne is Director of Energy and Climate Policy at Ecofys. He is also Associate Professor at Wageningen University. Niklas Höhne has been active in international climate policy since 1995. Since joining Ecofys in 2001, he has led numerous studies related to the international climate change negotiations, the Kyoto Mechanisms and climate policies. For example, he led several evaluations of countries’ performances in climate policies. He created the climate action tracker that tracks commitments and actions of countries under the Cancun Agreements. He holds a PhD from the University of Utrecht on "What is next after the Kyoto Protocol - Assessment of options for international climate policy post 2012". He is lead author for the IPCC Fourth and Fifth Assessment Report for the chapter on climate policies and international cooperation. He is also lead author of the UNEP Emissions Gap reports 2010 to 2012. His work on sharing the effort of reducing emissions between countries led to the IPCC statement that developed countries would need to reduce emissions by 25% to 40% in 2020 compared to 1990 to be compatible with limiting global temperature increase to 2°C. Before joining Ecofys he was a staff member of the UNFCCC secretariat (1998 to 2001), where he supported the negotiations on various issues, including reporting under the Kyoto Protocol, projections of greenhouse gas emissions, fluorinated greenhouse gases and emissions from international transport.

Niklas Höhne appears regularly in the media, e.g. in an interview in China Radio International on the international climate negotiations in Warsaw 2013, a TV interview in TV on global cooperation on climate change and quoted in the New Scientist on changes in trends in global CO2 emissions.