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Alyssa Gilbert


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Market based Mechanisms

Location: London, United Kingdom

Alyssa Gilbert MA (Cantab) is unit manager for market based mechanisms. She has worked on several major policy evaluation and development studies in recent years covering emissions trading, energy efficiency policies, adaptation to climate change and avoided deforestation. She has a particularly strong track record and understanding of the EU ETS. Recent work has included work on a domestic offset scheme in Ireland, support for work on the development of an ETS in Shanghai, and providing expert advice to the UK House of Lords on EU ETS policy. Other work includes strategic policy work for Sustainable Energy Ireland, an analysis of post-2012 carbon credit availability, work on the potential to include emissions reductions from deforestation in the international climate negotiations framework and development of conceptual approaches to issues such as carbon budgetting. Alyssa has carried out work for the European Commission, national governments, the UK Environment Agency, local authorities in the UK, and both industrial and environmental NGOs. Her work has involved a range of different processes including stakeholder engagement, facilitating workshops, desk-based policy analysis using spreadsheets and literature reviews. As well as working with a range of people, Alyssa has carried out projects in the UK, Ireland, Romania, Spain, France and China. Since joining Ecofys UK in 2003 she has held roles with commercial responsibility, and with responsibility for co-ordinating the work of Ecofys UK. Before joining Ecofys, Alyssa worked at the Greater London Authority and as a journalist in Brussels, Belgium.