Solar Energy

The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy that can be exploited for a wide range of applications. Solar Thermal Technology converts solar energy into heat, using collectors connected to hot water systems in buildings. Solar panels convert sunlight directly into electricity, using a process known as photovoltaics (PV). Solar electricity can also be generated in solar thermal power plants, using concentrated solar power (CSP).

At Ecofys we bring more than 25 years of experience in solar consultancy. We are convinced that solar energy is an essential ingredient in the future's world power generation. In The Energy Report, we show that in 2050 solar power will account for 46% of the total global power supply. Ecofys is in a key position to contribute to making this a reality.

Our Customers 

For national governments and EU, we work on strategies for solar market development, as well as strategies for stimulating solar innovation and economic development. For investors, technology suppliers and project developers, we perform business planning studies, due diligence services, feasibility studies and other project services. Furthermore we support the building sector, local authorities and (industrial) electricity users with solar energy programmes and with planning schemes for using solar to meet Energy Performance norms.

Solar Thermal

Ecofys has a long track record of applying solar thermal technology in various applications: residential and industrial. As inventors of the Solar technology we introduced a new standard for solar thermal efficiency into the market.

Building Integrated Solar (BIPV)

Ecofys is one of the pioneers in BIPV. As the inventors of the Console and Intersole mounting systems, we helped to accelerate the development of BIPV. Our solar business model includes the latest price developments, operational cost and the effect of the relevant regulations on the rate of return.

In addition we bring a long expertise in the project development of building integrated solar projects. We support the initiator of a solar project with specifications and design of the appropriate system and by providing supervision in the construction and commissioning phase of the project.

Large Scale Photovoltaics

Ecofys has been involved in the development of large scale PV Solar parks from the very beginning (2005). We support project developers and investors with site selection, yield studies, feasibility studies and project management services.

Large Scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is a promising technology for large scale (>50 MWp) electricity generation. The technology requires a high direct irradiation level and is therefore suitable for application in certain regions in the world: Spain, North Africa, South Africa, California, Australia and China. The technology can be combined with a gas fuelled steam turbine system into a so-called hybrid or ISCC power plant. Ecofys has experience with feasibility studies and due diligence studies for CSP plants. Ecofys also did a recent study of the different CSP technologies under development (parabolic trough, tower, fresnel and dish) assessing technical maturity and cost aspects.

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