Renewable Energy

The finite nature of fossil fuels, security of supply and climate change have forced the energy sector to a radical transition to a renewable energy based system. This is not only a huge task but also offers new opportunities and the potential for renewable energy is tremendous: in just one hour, the sun provides us with more energy than the world consumes in an entire year. But what is the right technology, what is the right business model, where is the best location, is the project feasible also in the long run, and how best to develop the project?

From feasibility to realisation, Ecofys has more than 30 years of international experience in wind energy, bio-energy and solar energy and is always on the edge of innovation like winning energy from algae or ocean waves.

Ecofys advises governments and corporate clients on a successful renewable energy strategy and offers services for energy companies, project developers and the financial sector to develop or invest in renewable energy projects. From market analysis to monitoring: Ecofys is a reliable and independent partner for your renewable energy projects.

  • Wind Energy

    Wind power plays a critical role in our economic, environmental and energy future. Wind turbines all over the world are producing emission-free power for households and industry. Ecofys has been in the wind energy business since 1984. Please let us show our insights into wind energy, to provide the solutions you need.
  • Bioenergy

    In a renewable energy supply, biomass plays a central role. With biomass the world can be provided with a flexible and all-round renewable energy source. A sustainable feedstock supply and sound economic and technical planning and operations are needed to create profitable biomass-to-energy business.
  • Solar Energy

    At Ecofys we bring more than 25 years of experience in solar consultancy. We are convinced that solar energy is an essential ingredient in the future's world power generation.