Policy Design & Evaluation

Ecofys has extensive knowledge and many years of experience in policy consultancy for renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate policies. Our international team supports both public and private stakeholders in developing, analysing and evaluating energy policy instruments and strategies.

An innovative legislation that looks ahead of current developments is the key to an effective and cost efficient promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate change mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Ecofys supports national ministries, the European Commission, international organisations and NGOs as well as other policy makers in achieving these ambitions. We also advise companies on how to adapt to and benefit from energy and climate policy changes.

Ecofys offers a range of services including: ex-ante and ex-post policy analyses and evaluations, the design of ad hoc evaluation methodologies, market and potential assessments, the coordination and moderation of stakeholder dialogues and specialist trainings.


We analyse the projected impact of policy measures and help to design them in the most efficient way. We support our clients with designing the evaluation methodology and measuring the projected effects of the policy measures, for example by means of energy or emissions scenarios or behavioural change models.


In ex-post evaluation we examine the actual effects of policy measures that have been implemented. Based on appropriate criteria, we analyse and evaluate for instance different forms of subsidy measures and strategies and provide suggestions for improvement. In case of a mix of instruments (for example regulation, financial support and information) we identify the synergies, overlaps and gaps to evaluate the effect of the policy mix. Ecofys is well know for its international comparison studies regarding for instance the impact of financial support programmes in different national contexts, the exchange of experiences between countries or the comparative analysis of investment conditions.