Energy Systems & Markets

Energy is always produced and used in the context of an energy system with increasing complexity. All elements of energy systems are interrelated. Power systems are just one obvious example of a system that works on a continental scale and that can only develop well if the key stakeholders take into account their role in the entire system.  But how is it possible to make the right choices in such an uncertain world? And how can robust decisions on infrastructure investments be made?

Ecofys has the knowledge to untangle the complexities of the energy system, be it on the level of a city district, a metropole, a country, a continent or the global energy system. We are also  aware of emerging developments, both in conventional and new energy technologies and energy markets. Ecofys operates a suite of modeling tools that can help to make the right choices in an uncertain world.

  • Integrated Energy Systems

    At Ecofys we know the importance of including all aspects of energy to provide a holistic solution to our clients. We can provide you with a long term vision through our scenario analysis.
  • Power Systems & Markets

    Design of tomorrow’s power systems, transmission and distribution infrastructure to be ready for feeding in renewable energy sources with their wide spatial distribution and many entry points in the network at any one time.
  • Conventional Energy Systems

    Today, the world’s energy system is largely based on oil, coal, gas and some nuclear sources. Security of supply, market prices, emissions and climate impacts are important drivers for decisions in our economies, while technological progress and geopolitical situation is constantly changing these factors.