Energy Systems and Markets

Energy provision is undergoing radical change. Renewable energy sources are replacing the hydrocarbon-based generation, with distributed energy systems playing an increasing role in balancing supply and demand.

Ecofys’ business area Energy Systems and Markets supports all relevant actors to make this transition. Specifically, we provide guidance on: benchmarking financial indicators; assessing feasibility and identifying potential sources of finance; eliminating inefficiencies; improving financial performance. We support utilities as well as transmission and distribution system operators to secure electricity supply within the future energy system, by evaluating options for increasing renewable energy penetration levels. Furthermore, we assist the European Commission, the public sector, and NGOs to create the regulatory framework required to effectively and efficiently invest, operate, and maintain the security of the power system going forward.

  • Unlock power system flexibility

    Flexibility is a key prerequisite for the integration of high shares of renewable into the power sys-tem. Ecofys takes an interdisciplinary approach to solving the technical, economic and regulatory challenges associated with developing future power systems.
  • Conventional Energy Systems

    Today, the world’s energy system is largely based on oil, coal, gas and some nuclear sources. Security of supply, market prices, emissions and climate impacts are important drivers for decisions in our economies, while technological progress and geopolitical situation is constantly changing these factors.
  • Wind Energy

    Wind power plays a critical role in our economic, environmental and energy future. Wind turbines all over the world are producing emission-free power for households and industry. Ecofys has been in the wind energy business since 1984. Please let us show our insights into wind energy, to provide the solutions you need.
  • Solar Energy

    At Ecofys we bring more than 25 years of experience in solar consultancy. We are convinced that solar energy is an essential ingredient in the future's world power generation.

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