Energy & Climate Policy

Across the world, countries are taking action on energy and climate at unprecedented levels. These actions not only address concerns about man-made climate change, but also deal with issues such as the rising cost of energy, security of energy supply and the need for sustainable development. In addition, because some climate change is now inevitable, countries are taking action to adapt to that change. But what is the  right mix of policies. And how can policies be designed in such a way that they bring economic benefits and reduced risks?

Ecofys has a depth of expertise in the design, evaluation and implementation of policies and strategies. We are involved in policy development across the world and have an unrivalled understanding of the climate and energy policy landscape globally. We were heavily involved in shaping carbon markets. Using this knowledge we help opinion leaders develop new ideas for policy designs; we can help policy makers implement effective policies, and we can help companies operate profitably in the policy landscape.

  • Policy Design & Evaluation

    An innovative legislation that looks ahead of current developments is the key to an effective and cost efficient promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate change mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
  • Market based Mechanisms

    Market based mechanisms, if designed well, are widely seen as an effective tool for reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) and fostering energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • International Climate Policies

    Actions more far-reaching than those proposed so far must be taken in order to address the challenges of climate change. Ecofys has a long track record of helping to frame discussions on options and mechanisms proposed within international climate policy as well as other international fora.