Energy & Carbon Efficiency

In all our activities, appliances and production processes there is a large potential for efficiency improvement. To arrive at a sustainable energy supply the opportunities to save energy and at the same time reduce carbon emissions need to be fully unlocked. But how to select the right opportunities and succesfully approach them in large organizations? How to incorporate the full effects in your supply chain?

Ecofys has the best available expertise to identify the ways and means to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. We have in depth knowledge on the opportunities for energy efficiency in transport, the building sector and industrial processes including the energy sector. Our strategic and technical advice serves a multitude of small and large businesses all over the world. As companies take responsibility for their emissions throughout the value chain Ecofys supports them to fully understand their emissions and use the potential to influence the effects. We also help companies evaluating the use of carbon capture and storage to reduce their carbon foot print.

  • Buildings

    Sustainable buildings are durable and offer best possible user comfort. This leads to higher asset value, higher occupancy, longer economic lifecycles and lowest long term total cost of ownership.
  • Sustainable Transport

    The need for increased transport of goods and people is growing at a fast pace. The share of transport in energy use and carbon emissions is also growing, next to the manifold environmental and spatial impacts.
  • Industrial Processes

    The world has to prepare for a carbon-constrained economy. New policy and legislation is and will be developed to help industry to shift to a low carbon future. This brings new opportunities, but can also entail compliance with new legislation and new types of risk management.
  • Sustainable Products

    The global market for low carbon and environmental products is constantly growing. Through the use of less resources, sustainable products can help cut costs for manufacturers during production or for consumers during use.