Ecofys - Experts in Energy

Only Ecofys possesses deep knowledge across the entire spectrum of renewable energy, energy & carbon efficiency, energy systems & markets, energy & climate policies. Let us guide you through the various services we provide, the clients we serve and the solutions we develop.

  • Energy & Carbon Efficiency

    In all our activities, appliances and production processes there is a large potential for efficiency improvement. To arrive at a sustainable energy supply the opportunities to save energy and at the same time reduce carbon emissions need to be fully unlocked.
  • Renewable Energy

    The finite nature of fossil fuels, security of supply and climate change have forced the energy sector to a radical transition to a renewable energy based system. This is not only a huge task but also offers new opportunities and the potential for renewable energy is tremendous: in just one hour, the sun provides us with more energy than the world consumes in an entire year.
  • Energy Systems & Markets

    Energy is always produced and used in the context of an energy system with increasing complexity. All elements of energy systems are interrelated. Power systems are just one obvious example of a system that works on a continental scale and that can only develop well if the key stakeholders take into account their role in the entire system.
  • Energy & Climate Policy

    Across the world, countries are taking action on energy and climate at unprecedented levels. These actions not only address concerns about man-made climate change, but also deal with issues such as the rising cost of energy, security of energy supply and the need for sustainable development.