Innovate 4 Climate: Finance and Market Weeks

Barcelona, Spain

The first "Innovate4Climate: Finance and Markets Week" will take place at the Palau de Congressos in Barcelona, from 22 to 25 May 2017. The Conference is designed to be the premier global platform that brings together public and private sectors on climate financing and investment, new business models for emerging products and technologies, and new financial instruments and markets. The event has been organised with the support of the governments of Spain and Germany, and with the collaboration of FIRA Barcelona, the World Bank Group, IETA and Climate Action.

Ecofys, a Navigant company, supports the Innovate4Climate conference with expertise at the following events:




Side Event
Mon, 22 May
08:30 AM - 15:30 PM

CDCF 43nd Participants Committee and 15th Annual Meeting
Presentation of the CDCF 15 Year Retrospective report by Ecofys, a Navigant company. 

Side Event
Mon, 22 May - Tue, 23 May

World Bank Group technical dialogue on "New Perspectives on International Cooperation: Carbon Markets and Climate Finance under the Paris Agreement"
This dialogue aims to broaden understanding of how the new generation of carbon markets and climate finance can support NDC implementation and strengthen international co-operation to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Ecofys expert Noémie Klein will be presenting on "Main recommendations of the PMR technical note: Baselines Setting for Scaled-up Crediting in the Broader NDC Context". 

Side Event
Tue, 23 May
08:45 AM

Carbon Pricing Watch 2017
Preview of the World Bank's annual report "State & Trends of Carbon Pricing" which will be published in the autumn. Ecofys experts Noémie Klein and Long Lam, both lead authors of the report, will present key findings from the mid-year update.
State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2016

Side Event
Tue, 23 May
01:30 PM

Room 8

Aligning financial portfolios with a 1.5°C future
During the Innovation Day at Innovate4Climate (I4C), Ecofys, a Navigant company, will host a panel discussion with climate leaders from the financial sector. The panel will focus on actions undertaken to date to align financial portfolios with the Paris Agreement goals. We will explore how these objectives can be pursued in practice, which particular challenges arise for financial institutions and how they can be overcome.

Side Event
Thu, 25 May
01:00 PM

Community Development Carbon Fund (CDCF)
Report launch - summing up 15 years of the World Bank's Community Development Carbon Fund. Ecofys experts Jialiang Zhang and Noémie Klein will be present at this launch. 

Side Event
Thu, 25 May
02:00 PM

Managing climate-related financial risks and joining the dots across carbon markets
This CDP, IETA and CDSB hosted event will explore initiatives emerging in the finance and private sectors and how companies can be best prepared for the upcoming challenges. Maarten Neelis, Associate Director at Ecofys, a Navigant company, will participate in the event where recent joint CDP/We Mean Business research on investment-grade carbon pricing corridors will be presented to which Ecofys contributed. 

Please stay in touch for further updates in the upcoming period via our website or via Twitter @Ecofys #Innovate4Climate