EU Sustainable Energy Week

Brussels, Belgium

From 16- 22 June 2012 the EU Sustainable Energy Week takes place with a large number of events in several countries in and even outside of Europe. This year, Ecofys will be represented by two speakers at two different joint events during the EU Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels.

David de Jager, Managing Consultant Integrated Energy Systems
David de Jager will give an opening address at  Power to the people: Can citizens lead Europe’s future energy strategy? on 19 June in Brussels. The debate means to explore how different the future may look given our traditional model of centralised energy supply in Europe. It brings together two panels of experts and key actors in the renewable energy field to discuss which role an emerging decentralised energy supply may play in creating a more sustainable energy policy for Europe.

David de Jager will also participate in the second session: Realising our emerging vision: Working together –Overcoming key barriers.

Joint event:   Power to the people
Date and time:  19 June, 09:30AM – 13:00PM
Location:  Charlemagne Building, Brussels, Belgium

Edith Molenbroek, Senior Consultant Buildings
On 21 June Edith Molenbroek is one of the speakers at Ecodesign: Energizing European Economies. During this event she will give a presentation of the study “Ecodesign: improving European economies”, highlighting the economic benefits of Ecodesign.  Ecodesign is one of the key topics during the Sustainable Energy Week event. The EU Ecodesign Directive aims at reducing the environmental impact of a number of products sold in the EU, with emphasis on their energy consumption. On behalf of the Dutch environmental organisation Natuur en Milieu, Ecofys investigated economic benefits related to the Directive and will present its potential regarding energy savings and energy security.

Joint event:   Ecodesign: Energizing European Economies
Date and time:    21 June, 14:00PM – 17:00PM
Location:   Martin’s Central Park Hotel, Brussels, Belgium