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  • Halving the EU’s gas imports

    Enhanced action on energy efficiency and renewable energy can half the EU’s gas imports and achieve more than 40% GHG reductions This blog post was written by Taryn Fransen, World Resources Institute, and Niklas Höhne, Ecofys. Later this week, the European Council will vote on a target to further ...
    Erstellt am 20-10-2014 Von: Rolf de Vos Fachgebiet: Energie- & CO2-Effizienz Kommentare: 0
  • Global Energy Assessment: Is CCS a choice or a must?

    “Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a choice, not a must”, according to the long awaited  Global Energy Assessment (GEA) which has been published online very recently. With its 1884 pages and an extensive online database, it provides a wealth of information on energy potentials and transition pathw...
    Erstellt am 22-11-2012 Von: Joris Koornneef Fachgebiet: Energiesysteme & -märkte Kommentare: 1
  • We can still limit global warming to 2°C!

    This blog post has been written by Dr. Niklas Höhne: An increase in the global mean temperature of two degrees would already result in fatal consequences: The agricultural productivity would be heavily impaired, the sea level would rise by up to one metre in this century and dying coral reefs would...
    Erstellt am 15-11-2012 Von: Kornelis Blok Fachgebiet: Energie- & Klimapolitik Kommentare: 0
  • Energy Efficiency Professionalism

    It is widely accepted that energy efficiency improvement is the number one option to increase our security of supply and reduce the risks of climate change. However, we know that progress so far is limited – there are a lot of good examples, success stories and effective policies, but on a global sc...
    Erstellt am 25-07-2012 Von: Kornelis Blok Fachgebiet: Energie- & CO2-Effizienz Kommentare: 0