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  • How to design successful policies

    Auctioning of renewable energy support How do past achievements impact future developments in energy and climate? Ecofys turns 30 and looks back to look ahead. In thirty years’ time, renewable energy policies in Europe have evolved from a pioneering phase to the present stage of fostering fast-growing markets. Up till today, Ecofys has ...
    Erstellt am 22-01-2015 Von: Rolf de Vos Fachgebiet: Energie- & Klimapolitik Kommentare: 0
  • Travelling from 1984 to 2014 in the world of energy

    Ecofys looks back to look ahead When Ecofys was founded back in 1984, the energy world was completely different from the one we know today. The world was just recovering from two oil crises and oil prices were soon to drop. Nevertheless, these crises, together with the increased awareness of the finiteness of fossil energy resourc...
    Erstellt am 10-11-2014 Von: Kornelis Blok Fachgebiet: Erneuerbare Energien Kommentare: 0
  • Apples to Oranges - Comparing the costs of energy technologies

    In the public debate on costs and benefits of renewable energy, the life-cycle cost per unit of energy is often used as the metric for comparing various technologies. Especially opponents of renewable energy often claim that technologies like onshore wind result in higher costs than coal, gas and nu...
    Erstellt am 29-05-2013 Von: David de Jager Fachgebiet: Energiesysteme & -märkte Kommentare: 0
  • A fully renewable energy system needs biomass

    Biomass  and its conversion to feedstock, raw materials and energy plays a crucial role in every renewable energy scenario. According to The Energy Report by Ecofys and WWF, many sectors and countries will rely on biomass in decades to come. Biomass will be supplying almost 50% of the world’s energy...
    Erstellt am 30-04-2013 Von: Marjolein Brasz Fachgebiet: Erneuerbare Energien Kommentare: 0
  • Climate and energy policies of the new Netherlands’ government

    On Monday, the Liberal party (VVD) and the Social Democrats (PvdA) have presented their coalition agreement. It contains some really interesting mentions of a series of measures for climate, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Overall, we see healthy climate change ambitions to at least follow ...
    Erstellt am 02-11-2012 Von: Thomas Winkel Fachgebiet: Energie- & Klimapolitik Kommentare: 1
  • Phasing out nuclear and speeding up wind

    Since deciding in summer 2011 to completely phase out nuclear energy by 2022, Germany has fully committed itself to a “path to the energy of the future – reliable, affordable and environmentally sound”. A rapid expansion of Germany‘s offshore wind capacity is foreseen, requiring optimal use of the p...
    Erstellt am 17-09-2012 Von: Michiel Müller Fachgebiet: Erneuerbare Energien Kommentare: 0
  • Wedging the Gap

    A bottom-up approach to the global climate challenge Weather records are piling up in the US and worldwide, and the seasonal state of the Arctic sea ice melt is the worst we’ve seen so far. And in the meantime, greenhouse gas emissions are still rising, where they should now start to go down to keep average global warming below 2 degrees C (3.6 degree...
    Erstellt am 19-06-2012 Von: Kees van der Leun Fachgebiet: Energie- & Klimapolitik Kommentare: 0