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  • Contribute to further improving the EU-ETS

    An invitation to Europe's energy-intensive industry
    The general consensus at the Argus European Emissions Markets 2014 Conference was that Europe has a credible system in place which is supported by most stakeholders. About a decade of learnings in the EU-ETS has made Europe's flagship climate policy instrument more robust and the European Commission...
    Erstellt am 12-06-2014 Von: Erik Klaassen Fachgebiet: Energie- & CO2-Effizienz Kommentare: 0
  • Saving the ETS

    The emissions trading scheme is the single most important instrument for the EU for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in industry. Lately a couple of interesting things coincided concerning the scheme. First, a preliminary 2011 overview of submitted annual emission reports shows that emissions of...
    Erstellt am 28-06-2012 Von: Rolf de Vos Fachgebiet: Energie- & CO2-Effizienz Kommentare: 0