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  • Will we see the increased carbon pricing initiatives converging?

    How do past achievements impact future developments in energy and climate? Ecofys turns 30 and looks back to look ahead. With the UN climate conference at Lima right behind us, all eyes are now on the next one in Paris 2015. Will there be a strong agreement on more concerted international climate a...
    Erstellt am 17-12-2014 Von: Maarten Neelis Fachgebiet: Energie- & Klimapolitik Kommentare: 0
  • Gerecht verteilt - CO2-Kosten in Lieferverträgen

    Um Treibhausgasemissionen zu reduzieren und dem Ziel einer kohlenstoffarmen Wirtschaft näher zu kommen, gibt das europäische Emissionshandelssystem (EU EHS) den CO2-Emissionen großer Industriebetreiber einen Preis. Unternehmen im EU EHS müssen für jede emittierte Tonne CO2 eine Emissionsberechtigung...
    Erstellt am 31-07-2014 Von: Jan-Martin Rhiemeier Fachgebiet: Energie- & CO2-Effizienz Kommentare: 0
  • Contribute to further improving the EU-ETS

    An invitation to Europe's energy-intensive industry
    The general consensus at the Argus European Emissions Markets 2014 Conference was that Europe has a credible system in place which is supported by most stakeholders. About a decade of learnings in the EU-ETS has made Europe's flagship climate policy instrument more robust and the European Commission...
    Erstellt am 12-06-2014 Von: Erik Klaassen Fachgebiet: Energie- & CO2-Effizienz Kommentare: 0
  • Saving the ETS

    The emissions trading scheme is the single most important instrument for the EU for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in industry. Lately a couple of interesting things coincided concerning the scheme. First, a preliminary 2011 overview of submitted annual emission reports shows that emissions of...
    Erstellt am 28-06-2012 Von: Rolf de Vos Fachgebiet: Energie- & CO2-Effizienz Kommentare: 0