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  • The need for more energy-related renovation

    To achieve targets set by the EU for the building sector, we need to get a clearer picture of what is needed for Europe’s non-residential stock. To allow designing suitable policies for the building sector, it is essential not just to know the current status of the building stock, but also entirely ...
    Erstellt am 13-08-2012 Von: Sven Schimschar Fachgebiet: Energie- & CO2-Effizienz Kommentare: 2
  • Energy Efficiency Professionalism

    It is widely accepted that energy efficiency improvement is the number one option to increase our security of supply and reduce the risks of climate change. However, we know that progress so far is limited – there are a lot of good examples, success stories and effective policies, but on a global sc...
    Erstellt am 25-07-2012 Von: Kornelis Blok Fachgebiet: Energie- & CO2-Effizienz Kommentare: 0